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Hello All!!
We have been having a lot of fun in the St. Nicholas group doing some scienc-y things ?
The last few weeks we have been going over the body. I came across these shorty videos and they really like to watch them. There are quite a few. 
Today we went over the four types of tastes (salty-pretzels & plain Himalayan salt, sour – lemon, bitter – chocolate with no sugar, sweet – chocolate with sugar, watermelon & organic cane sugar)Then we looked at them through a microscope along with cotton from a cotton swab & a strand of hair. 
Then we listened to our heart, lungs and tummies with a stethoscope. 
To finish up we watch two short videos – one on how the eyes work and the other about hair. 
When we come back from break, Mrs. Methe will be teaching art for two weeks, then we will have science again for two weeks and then finish up the semester with art. 
All your kids are doing great and are enjoyable to teach!
Enjoy the break (and maybe some snow Friday! ❄️)

Terri Leuck

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